Personal Gear Bag


Handmade in Bali

  • Color: Black
  • Materials: 100% Ripstop Construction
  • Size Packed: 10.5″x9″x1.5″
  • Size Open: 10.5″x24″


  • Adjustable clip fastener keeps kit closed for convenient packing.
  • Plenty of compartments to keep items secure and organized.
  • Elastic webbing inside zippered mesh area for storing items.
  • Attaches to hooks or towel bars with adjustable hanging strap.
  • Great for small weekend getaways or international adventures.


Packing cubes don’t solve all the problems in organizing one’s personal necessities. This bag is designed for any traveler looking for flexibility in a lightweight and space saving design. The rectangular shape rolls and grows in size as you fill it. Complete with 3 zippered pockets inside to help organize your life’s details. From toiletries to electronics, and more. Simple in its exterior, yet complex in its interior. Handmade in Bali from the same ripstop as our Gi’s.